Slaves and Secrets at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan

Jonny Craig of Slaves by Sherburt Photo Ferndale Michigan

Tuesday, September 19th, Stacie and I made our way out to Ferndale to check out the Slaves and Secrets tour. While I may have taken way too long to get ready, I blame the dabs. We made it there just in time to watch the last two bands. Both were plagued by delayed sets due to technical difficulties that seemed to be all on the venue's staff. It's not to say that things didn't get fucking wild because they did. I'm just saying when you push sets back and give musicians time to drink and party, more than they definitely need to, then you should expect what happened as normalcy. 

Secrets were great. I had a really fun time shooting their set and was stoked to see Slaves up next. Of course, more technical difficulties delayed the Slaves set. I was right up front for the whole set. I saw the line of shots for the band and the one for Jonny. He continued to ignore his side stage comrades pleading with him to drink water and did another shot. Now what happened next is more of a fluke than anything. Jonny ran up to the front center of the stage and I could tell he expected the monitor to be permanently in place. It wasn't.

So there went Jonny Craig into the crowd and it did not look fun or entertaining, it looked fucking painful. No one was expecting it not even him. See the angle on the one twitter video that circulated all the dweeby music blogs the days after the show only show him go in and stand up and choke a guy.

Jonny Craig With A Fans Glasses by Sherburt Photo

Shout out to those websites, by the way, they make me feel better about the work I put in to get these gigs on my own. I don't have a money backer or investor. I don't have an editor or even a 2nd person involved with the content creation. So I fucking laugh my ass off every time I go to a show that ends up having a Twitter or Instagram video go viral via these websites. Instead of sending their own journalists and doing actual work they just go on twitter and use the twitter search bar. No shame in shitty hustle, but it's still weak as fuck to me. That's their way of doing things, it's just not mine. 

If you ever see me post a video from someone's cell phone it will be from my phone or the person I am at the shows with, whether that be Stacie or one of my friends. Otherwise, that shit is a fucking REPOST, NOT A GOD DAMN FEATURE or BREAKING MUSIC NEWS!

So Jonny stands up and chokes a guy in the crowd, the video showed it to be way more violent than what it was. At the same time the first couple songs a guy kept screaming "Play that Emarosa song!" I mean.. come on. People are so fucking lame. All I know is Jonny's fans have a thing with having him choke them. His persona and reputation proceeded itself that night. It wasn't rare form, it was exactly what I expected to happen. I wasn't surprised by any of it. I saw how much he drank in a short span, I knew he was going to get too fucked up. I'm a recovering alcoholic trust me, I knew what was going to happen next...

The show got cut short by 4-5 songs? Jonny walked off stage before Colin demanded the TM to get him back on stage and finish the set. He did eventually. At that point, I was packing my gear up in the bag and Stacie started yelling to look behind the stage. At that time I turned and saw Colin and Jonny going at it for a quick few seconds. 


Because no one actually does their fucking homework. Again, they just go on twitter and search bands that they think cause drama. So who is to blame? A singer who still can't figure out how to drink responsibly, or a group of journalists who sensationalize an alcoholic's battle with road life?

I love that this is going to be hidden on my page for a while. Maybe one day more people will know about it. A bass player punching a singer isn't rare, the idea that these websites think that, actually makes me laugh kinda like Ron Swanson. Bands throw down regularly when booze or drugs or both are involved. I don't think any drugs were used that night besides booze and probably some Michigan Medical Marijuana.

You're talking about a band of musicians here not coworkers at a law firm, you have to have that familial love or when shit like this happens it brings on the end like it did last year. Obviously, they worked some shit out to keep going through the antics and shit that seems to follow them around. Let's not forget this is the band who got attacked with knives for wearing skinny jeans. Anything more than cracking a joke about someone's fashion is unnecessary. We all later found out it was an anti-gay attack. 

I am of no influence but I will say this, drink less and smoke way more weed. Calm the fuck down. You could be struggling like us dickwads who cover your shit. The world is yours to lose, I don't understand what the issue is here. I love the music and obviously, you guys do too. So get right and do the damn thing properly and take it to the next level. It's fucking worth it. Then again what do I know? I haven't had any real success as a musician. Do what you're going to do, we will still be here to talk about it.

Stacie thought for sure the band would be done, I laughed knowing that wasn't going to happen over that shit, as we walked to the car eagerly to go home and smoke weed before crashing sometime pretty late, I realized I actually love covering shows with a camera and words than I do playing them. So no matter what, Jonny got me to solidify that what I was doing with my life is better than what I was doing a year ago. 

Slaves at the Loving Touch Ferndale by Sherburt Photo

I woke up the next morning to see posts from a bunch of music sites and I just waited for an actual account from someone who saw everything. It never came, IT NEVER CAME! Instead, they just reported about how he fell off the stage and choked a fan. Which is fine, but without context, he looks a lot worse than he should be portrayed for THIS night. If you want to be a dick about the guy for other shit go ahead, I just think he had an off night with way too much downtime and booze. Then again people don't research, they see headlines and immediately form opinions they will go to hell and back for. That to me is fucking absurd.

I think we love to build talented people up but there is nothing better than seeing them fall. So there's a ton of people who are fed up with that kind of behavior. And well, if the door guy wasn't nice to me and let me in any way, I would have turned around and gone back Downriver. Since they forgot to put a dude on the guest list, the only thing that would have come from that night would have been one lonely twitter video. Instead, there are over 100 photos for you guys. Thanks. Shoutout to the bands for making it incredibly eventual and entertaining. Might not have gotten to hear "I'd Rather See Your Star Explode" but that's fine.

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