Rings of Saturn at the Summer Slaughter Tour in Detroit

Summer Slaughter 2017 rolled through Detroit on August 25th at the Majestic. The lineup this year included Angelmaker, Lorna Shore, Betraying the Martyrs, Rings of Saturn, Origin, Oceano, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, and Michigan's own Death Metal Legends, The Black Dahlia Murder headlined Summer Slaughter 2017 by playing "Nocturnal" in full for its 10th anniversary. 

I walked into a nearly packed venue and Angelmaker on stage. I expected to walk in right before Lorna Shore came on and maybe I didn't expect to be that many people until way later.

Timeslots were different than posted but who really cares about that shit? I have always had my issues with it. I come from the idea of being there early and seeing every band you can. The snobbery nowadays is outlandish, and as I creep further into my 30s I see what all the old metalheads and punks were whining about in the 90s. I get it.

There's also hope outside of the crowd and on the stage with bands like Lorna Shore, Oceano, Rings of Saturn, Betraying the Martyrs bringing new school vibes to stamp on their take in the "heavy" music realm. I fucking hate splitting up between genres. I'll talk about it, but let's be honest, all this shit at this show is heavy as fuck.

Sorry for my delay in getting these photos out, more galleries from the other artists at Summer Slaughter. I took 2 spontaneous trips since the event and am just now getting into the halfway mark of editing the show. More to come in the coming weeks and thanks for checking these out! If you share or repost these images, PLEASE give the artists, Summer Slaughter, Shrbrt.com, and myself credit.