GALLERY: Movement Detroit 2017 Day 3 Photos and More

Another year has come and gone and this year's installment of Movement is now in the rear-view mirror. We had a blast all three days and hope you enjoy the first gallery from our time at Movement!

We enjoyed sets from Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Teklife: DJ Spinn and DJ Taye wsg Gant-Man, Soul Clap Live in the Rain!, Mija's surprise set in VIP, Mind Against, and more!

In the past few years, I have worn myself down trying to get as many photos of as many artists as possible without enjoying the actual vibes and time and tunes to the fullest extent. That's exactly what I wanted to do this year, not only for the magazine but for my psyche as I have had a rough few months leading into Movement. It only made sense to try and get higher quality photos by taking my time over taking 10k photos in 3 days. I felt it was time to trust my instincts and push myself to both enjoy myself and blow off some steam, but also to get some quality photos while watching more than 2 minutes of each set...

That was something that has been bothering me over the last few years as I have built my career in live photography "why am I running off as soon as I'm done? Why am I not sticking around? Why am I trying to get a million photos instead of giving myself a positive new memory?" Now I know why because I needed to. The years leading up to this were practice to make sure my balance can work in this realm of music. I can both enjoy myself and bust my ass while creating and without being a disturbance to the crowd or to the artists. It's just so many wins there, it was really about taking pressure off of myself and just feeling it. Finally, I could let go, even for a few moments, I was able to release a lot of negative shit bottled up inside. Through basslines and drum beats we heal. It sounds hippy dippy as fuck but there is nothing truer than that to me. I have found my church and my communities within music and within different worlds of music too.