Bloodlined Calligraphy @ Facedown Fest in Pomona, California

Everyone who has a deep appreciation for the healing power of music will get on board with a few bands from their area and latch on, hard. For me, one of those bands is Bloodlined Calligraphy. I have a deep love for the past and present incarnations of the band. I used to watch them in Ypsilanti at Mr. Muggs and The Elbow Room and Woodruffs and various spots all over Michigan. In the 2000s this band was my Michigan hardcore heroes. I grew to come even more close to them as my cousin Josh became the drummer.

With all that being said imagine how stoked I was to get to go to Los Angeles for the first time and go out to Pomona and shoot Facedown Fest, a festival that put this band on the map well over a decade ago. It was pretty surreal. It took a long time for me to get to that venue and that set and it seemed almost exhausting by the time Ally walked out on stage. By the time I was booted from the photo pit I felt so relieved of so much energy and so much negativity. Gone, poof, like that.

This band still can just pull that shit out of me.

The release I still get through photos feels so much like the release of moshing to these same songs years ago. Sure, plenty of this is about nostalgia and remembering our friend Eric who passed away a few years ago. I felt like I was able to level up my connection to Bloodlined Calligraphy that night, and I felt it, even more, when I was going through these photos.

I focused so much on Bird, just because he's doing Eric's parts and I'm sure somehow Eric was laughing. Seeing people you respect and admire and give a wholehearted fuck about, grace this stage thousands of miles from home, it just meant something. Something I can't describe, and those moments are exactly what I have been chasing since I was a kid. The indescribable, highly emotional, unforgettable moments in time that help bring a little closure to some past wounds and gave me the ability to look at a lot of people from that period of time that this band represents to me and cherish it. It seems like a lifetime ago that this shit meant everything to me. More than most things, if not the only thing that really mattered. I truly appreciate this band in all of its different incarnations and what it has done for me and so many people I know. And I am really thankful for a great day with these people I love and respect highly. 

Check out the photos below. And give Bloodlined Calligraphy some love.