SHRBRT is the result of years of failure, creativity, and hope. I started this company after realizing I had put my previous excursion into a nicely sealed box. This would have been great if my interests weren't vast compared to the content I was coming up with. 

I had plenty of different ideas of this venture but it blatantly has become about music, photography, writing, medicating, and that's about it. So Shrbrt is the main umbrella in which Shrbrt Mag, Sherburt Photo, Hope and Bass, Chubby Nugs, and more live under. It's merely a brand with departments focused on certain aspects of the industries we cover. Sherburt began as my music production and DJ alias. I then began taking more photos at shows and started Sherburt Photo. I started Hope and Bass as a way to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health within dance music culture. It has evolved from a failed record label to an artist collective to a blog site. Then I started getting gigs that weren't dance music related at all and I needed an outlet for that. This is how I started Shrbrt Mag. Chubby Nugs is my weed persona under Michiganjafarians a fake crew I made up of weed smoked characters who write shit up like television, music, art, movies, and more. It's mainly a way to get really baked and take on an alias and voice a stoned and dumb opinion, my comedic outlet. So SHRBRT Mag is the main media outlet. After time, I realized I could consolidate my ventures into one website HUB for my creative outputs. This is just my world. As a freelance photographer and writer, musician and producer, designer and cannabis patient. 

Some ask, "Well why should I give a fuck about your opinion and your writing?" Well I have no idea. I like to think I have a unique voice that might slip through the cracks and into your living room or wherever the fuck you decide to read this shit at. I can give you some insight into my credentials. I have played music since before I owned instruments. I began on a drumset at 12 and have not stopped since. I have played in over a dozen bands with hundreds of shows, a few full lengths, eps, singles, unreleased work and more. I have opened for plenty of ska, punk, and pop punk bands to not give a shit about this music anymore and be completely happy retiring from it. But that's not enough for me and it never will be. I love this shit through and through. And this is why I'm here. It's why I learned to DJ and produce my own music. I have tunes out on three continents have released tunes on some of my hero's record labels. I have had my music turned into fan videos and signed stupid fucking autographs at several points in my life. I have DJ'd with some of the best in bass music and played in venues and on stages legends have graced. I still don't think I am shit. 

I began photographing musicians a long time ago but nothing serious until a few years ago. I photographed some club events and some punk shows and got into a festival here and there. And then see above how all these things progressed. I have photographed artists like Snoop Dogg and Skrillex to Carl Cox and Deftones. I have been able to photograph my heroes and have got them to look at my work and love it. Now I do believe all of this can give me the right to have a blog, right? I mean 10 year olds have blogs. So if all that sounds good enough for you, get a hold of us if you need to. We are slowly building.

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With every donation you help a small family keep a roof over their heads and give them the ability to chase their dreams of creating a lifetime worth of art and taking you along with them. 

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